After spending three hours with unformatted evidence, I can definitely see the value of a program like this!”
Coach Fraser, Indianapolis Proclaim

The future of debate research is blue and swirly.”
- Tim Edelblut, (1st place Houston National Open 2007, 6th Place Nationals 2007, Contributing Author to Ethos: The Immigration Edition, coach for S.N.O.W. evidence club)

Evidence Scribe is stunning in its simplicity and ease of use.”
- Ben Fulton, (6th year debater)

I mean - I hardly have to do any work! This is living!”
- Aaron Evans, (1st year debater)

It's really enjoyable to be involved in this! I can't believe someone has actually come up with what you've done, it's great.”
- Isaiah McPeak (3rd place team NCFCA 2004, 9th team 2003; 1st place team/LD individual/speaker at multiple college NEDA value and policy tournaments; 1st seed and 1st speaker at his first college NPDA parli tournament (Washburn, KS), multiple top 3 placings; and 5th place ACMA moot court nationals 2007)

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