About Evidence Scribe

How it all began

I'm a debater. I'm also a computer programmer. For the first three years of my debate career, I used Microsoft Word to research. Searching and finding evidence was cool and exciting - but entering the evidence into Word was not. To put it simply, Word was never designed as a data entry program. It was designed to write reports, English papers, and invoices. I was frustrated at how much time I spent formatting my briefs (rather than focusing on research). I was also discouraged when I observed the other less tech-savvy members of my club struggling with basic research assignments (or coming in with briefs looking like something from the '80s).

The first time my debate partner and I met (as partners) I was talking about some of the other programming projects I'd done. "Hey!" he said. "You could make a database application for debate evidence!"

Two years later, I'm incredibly happy to present Evidence Scribe - the world's most advanced research program. When I began designing the program, I realized that I was doing something very ambitious - I was attempting to create a program that would replace Microsoft Word. Now with copy and paste, underlining, and styles, there's no core feature of Word that Evidence Scribe can't do more quickly and more intuitively.